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Match the dialogues with the correct questions words

Match the dialogues with the correct questions words.
1.       Hilal                                :…have you stated in Singapore?
Farah                             : For a week.

2.       Nabila                            :… is the zoo from the bus station?
Alvin                              : Two kilometers

3.       Ahlun                            :…money did your father give you this morning?
Tara                                : Rp. 50.000,-

4.       Fahri                              :…did the zoo keeper feed the animals this Morning?
Dion                               : at 6 o’clock.

5.       Kaka                               :…will you go to Jakarta?
Meyriska                         : by plane.

6.       Keitza                            :…did Betty go to the hospital yesterday?
Farid                              : because she wanted to check up.

7.       Radia                             :… will the plane take off?
Tama                             :Immediately

8.       Arya                               :…students are there in the yellow bus?
Daffa                              : Twenty, sir.

9.       Dilla                                :…will you take Sherifka to the dentist?
Sahal                               : Tonight.

10.    Aji                                   :…will you go to spend your school holiday?
Rohim                             : To Bogor Botanical Garden


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